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Science for all

We develop confident, effective young learners by improving interest and understanding of science.

As a social enterprise, we aim to provide affordable education, available to all.

About Science Boost

We’re a social enterprise run by qualified teachers.

Our aim is to improve science education, providing additional support to those who need it.

Based in Frome, Somerset, Science Boost provides education and support to students across the UK.

Our Focus

We believe education should be a social leveller.

Funded support is available to students on free school meals.

A young person should not be held back in their learning by things they cannot control.

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Understanding, Supportive and Highly Effective


Our anxious daughter has grown so much in confidence and understanding under Katie’s care. We’re so glad we found Science Boost — wholeheartedly recommend.

- Marianne

“These lessons are so good, they’re easy to follow and I find your explaining really helpful. I wish all my home learning was like this.” 
- Jack

“The online class is really good because Katie includes everyone by asking us questions and explains everything very clearly.”
- Lily

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We're always keen to chat.